There are some excellent tools to get a truly professional-looking web site up and running in record time. Let me show you which ones are worthwhile. You will be able do some of the work yourself, so the cost is low, but you have professional help and guidance available at all times - so you eliminate time-wasting trial-and-error learning.

I've been building web sites since 1996. My first site, "The Menzies Era" ( web site was launched as a small exercise to learn about the new World Wide Web. (There were only about 10,000 web sites in 1996 - but that was an enormous increase from around 700 sites a year earlier!) Over the years, the site has grown to around 1,000 pages and has had more than 3,000,000 visitors.

Since then, I've build many web sites, mainly for small businesses. I'm especially interested in helping green businesses and associations.

These days I mostly use html, php and javascript to build my sites and SQL for any databases.

Another great tool for businesses and associations is phpMyDirectory. This allows me quickly set up a site to which members can add their details creating a directory of businesses, products or services. Again, the cost is very affordable for a small business or association.

Let me know if you would like some help with a web site.

Here are a few examples of my web sites:
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