Focus - Green Business

New technologies and new business models are emerging as society becomes global and confronts the challenges of climate change, population and inequality. Small business and local organisations are always at the forefront of such change. If you are part of such a business or organisation, I'd love to help.

Although I began my career working for large companies and government, most of my work has been in my own businesses - in computer sales and service, identity badges, web site development and renewable energy

All of these have been business-to-business ventures and have given me the opportunity to see how businesses and other organisations work - and to understand why they succeed or fail.

At the same time, my involvement with the development of computers and the internet has helped me appreciate the rapid changes that are taking place in our economy, society, environment - and businesses.

All has led me to focus on those businesses and organisations that are embracing and leading these changes and tackling the associated problems of climate change, poplation and inequality.

If you have such a business and think that I could help, please let me know.

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