My first major web site, dating from 1996.
It's a hobby site about popular culture
in Australia between 1949 and 1982.

All about antiques and collectables -
from antiquities to Disney collectables
from Asia to Europe, America and Australia.

Lots of information about dinosaurs, rocks and
minerals, intended for students and collectors
seeking basic information.

A site about the ways the world is changing
and new technology, particularly in
renewable energy.

Family history of the Australian
Thorogood and Hendriks families.
and their ancestors.

A miscellaneous selection of things that
I have written. There's some of my verses,
chidren's stories and various other posts.

Coming soon(ish).

Welcome to my personal web site. Let me introduce myself.

I am now semi-retired after working with computers since the early 1970s - right at the end of the punched card era.

I started developing web sites in about 1995 - that year saw the launch of Amazon, Yahoo, eBay and Windows 95 (you probably guessed that one). The first popular web browsers, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, had been launched in the previous year.

I am still developing personal web sites, a few sites for clients (but no longer taking on new clients) and contributing to some others on a volunntary basis. You might be interested in taking a look at some of them.