Blogs and mini-blogs are among the most powerful ways of communicating your message - and there are some easy-to-use, free tools with you can use to communicate that message to your audience. Let me show you some and, if you like, set up your own personalised blog for you.

My own blogs are GreenBiz Cafe ( which is about new business models and technologies as society becomes global and confronts the challenges of climate change, population and inequality.

I also maintain a blog for renewable energy news and events in Australia and New Zealand ( and a hobby blog about antiques (

I've have set up, and contribute to, several other blogs for clients. In all, I have well over 1,000 postings on the Internet.

Most of my blogs use WordPress and I have several years experience using the product and developing tailored themes (that's WordPress-talk for "designs").

As well as my "live" blogs, there is a demonstration WordPress blog here.

I also do a bit of "mini-blogging" with Twitter as Peter_Thorogood.

So, if you need some help with WordPress, a tailored theme or with blogging in general, get in touch - I may be able to help.

Get in touch!